ODW is STIHL’s Supplier of the Year

On June 28, 2023, we were honored by our customer STIHL to receive the “Supplier of the Year 2022” award.

Since 1990, STIHL awards prizes to the best suppliers who score points for outstanding performance in terms of quality, technology, innovation, service and price/performance ratio.
To date, 117 suppliers have been honored. The success of the family-owned company has also been based on reliable partnerships, and together they have managed to keep the impact of the globally disrupted supply chains on production as low as possible and to meet the high demand for the products in the best possible way, despite difficult general conditions. This success was also due to its suppliers.

As a result of our very good work, we have managed to supply the customer STIHL with a very wide range of sophisticated products. STIHL, as our largest customer in the industrial sector, contributes significantly to ODW’s success. In addition to ODW’s appreciation, this award is also motivation for us to continue growing with STIHL.

Thanks to all involved.

International Suppliers Fair IZB 2022, 11th to 13th October 2022

The IZB was first hosted in 2001 as a Volkswagen in-house trade fair with 128 exhibitors from 6 nations, which attracted 13,500 visitors. It has since established itself as a showcase event for the international automotive supplier industry. At this year’s event we were one of around 940 other exhibitors from 37 nations, and with a 40% share of foreign exhibitors and 43,000 guests at its restart as a presence event, Europe’s leading trade fair proved to be bigger and more international than ever before.

Global players, medium-sized and smaller companies showed their innovations and new product developments along the entire automotive value chain. The focus was on the current topics of electrification, autonomous driving, e-mobility, production 4.0 and cyber security.

In addition to many very good discussions with experts in the industry, we maintained contact with our customers and further expanded existing business relationships. Since our current partners still offer some potential in new product areas, we still have very good opportunities for growth. We also made numerous new and promising contacts with the aim of establishing 1 to 2 new customers in the long term.

Milestone has been reached

An important milestone has been reached! The purchase agreement for a 20,000 m² plot of land was signed with representatives of the hungarian municipality of Szederkény. The Group is planing to build a logistic centrum (HUB) in the new industrial park.

On a successful course for 50 years

The success story began 50 years ago in Beerfelden in the Odenwald, Germany, and has been continued from Steinau an der Straße since 1975.

Today, ODW-ELEKTRIK has over 2,500 employees manufacturing mechatronic systems, cabling and solenoids.

Entrepreneurial vision and highest quality standards

With great foresight, the company’s founders, Wolfgang Weiß, Wilhelm Albishausen, Edmund Weckesser and Arthur Gensert, had foreseen that the market for prefabricated electromechanical components would grow strongly, especially in the automotive industry.

Today, products “Made by ODW” can be found in almost every vehicle – for example in fuel pumps, in the supply lines to the airbag, in the seatbelt buckle or in opening systems of the tailgate. These are produced according to the very demanding specifications of the automotive industry at the company’s five locations in Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Northern Macedonia and Mexico.

Three-dimensional measurements are carried out using the latest computer tomography to ensure that the function and quality of the products are correct. The second generation is now steering the fate of the family business, and the third generation is also taking over responsibility.

High appreciation for employees, customers and partners

In addition to the innovative business idea, the specialisation that has been persistently pursued over the years, and the high demands on product quality, it is above all the employees who make a large contribution to the success of the company. The high levels of loyalty and commitment of the employees are based on the values that have always been practised in the family business.

Appreciation, respect, fairness, reliability and team spirit always occupy the top spots in the regular employee surveys when asked what values the workforce associates with the company. The same applies to our dealings with customers and partners. “We have earned the reputation of being an innovative development partner and supplier of pre-assembled cables and wires, solenoid coils and mechatronic systems,” say the management of Andrea Med, Christian Weiß and Martin Ehret. Numerous awards for the company’s achievements by customers such as Bosch, Autoliv and Brose are emphatic proof of this.

Looking to the future

The Covid pandemic has not spared ODW-ELEKTRIK either, but compared to other companies in the industry, the impact has so far been comparatively light. Here, too, entrepreneurial foresight has once again been the differentiator.

The company has long since established new markets with components for comfort systems such as panel heating systems, thus making themselves less dependent on drive technologies. In addition, there has been the development of product groups such as cable assembly for battery management systems and for the cabling of “non-automotive” applications.

Last but not least, suppliers of alternative drives also use modern electromechanical components. Thus, the growing market around e-mobility still holds a lot of potential for ODW-ELEKTRIK. With this perspective, management and staff can look ahead with great confidence and continue to write the success story.


22nd Cooperation Conference Automotive Wire Harness with exhibition

As one of 16 exhibitors, we were at the 22nd Cooperation Conference Automotive Wire Harness in Munich on 31 October. The well-attended event offers practical information on current trends as well as opportunities for new cooperation, and with more than 250 participants we made extensive use of the numerous opportunities for networking and professional exchange.

Autonomous driving changes the wire harness industry and creates new requirements for development and production. The experts from automotive manufacturers and the supply industry discussed current technical approaches for the implementation of automated driving and digitalization in the vehicle wiring system at this year’s event.

Speakers from BMW, Audi, Leoni Bordnetz-Systeme, KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme, DRÄXLMAIER, fleXstructures, Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke and Schäfer Werkzeug- und Sondermaschinenbau took a close look at topics such as “Safety of power supply systems”, “Cables for high data volume” and “3D-mechanical power supply system design and digital protection”. Innovations for high-voltage systems and the realization of a stable energy supply were also presented.

ODW in Macedonia celebrates its 5th anniversary with the laying of the foundation stone for the second hall

The ODW-ELEKTRIK celebrated on the 6 July 2019 the first five years in Macedonia with over 500 guests and glorious sunshine.

If we think about it from the human life perspective, the first five years is the time in which a person learns most and lays the foundations for further development:
At this age we have growing pains, start to walk alone, fall down, get up again, get to know our environment – positive and important things.
We have to find our place in the family and society and we are trying out to find where our limits are.

ODW Macedonia has lived through all of this very intensively in recent years, learned a lot and validated the trust invested in it.

The successes of the past years, with over 400 employees, a full production hall, and further planned investments show this very clearly.

We wish our Macedonian colleagues a continuing healthy growth and much success in their work!

Battery Experts Forum 2019

From 10th to 12th April we participated as an exhibitor at Europe’s biggest conference on battery technology, the Battery Experts Forum. At the annual event, over 100 experts from the leading battery manufacturers and users provided information about developments in the battery industry worldwide, the latest trends and product developments.

The event was accompanied by a specialized exhibition with more than 80 exhibitors, including the most important companies in the entire battery supply chain. They presented new design, manufacturing and manufacturing solutions including battery systems, materials and components, testing and recycling processes. The focus was also on the development of cell production in Germany.

We had many very good meetings with experts from the industry, including high-ranking representatives from STIHL, BMZ, JUNGHEINRICH and AS-Motor. As a result, we have further expanded existing business relationships and established promising new contacts. Potential for ODW-ELEKTRIK exists among other things in the field of battery technology.

Automotive Meetings Querétaro 2019

We would like to thank all the visitors who met us at our booth at the Automotive Meetings Querétaro, the only BtoB event in the automotive supply chain in Mexico.

The two-day event, which was visited by representatives from 800 companies from 22 countries, including BMW, Daimler, General Motors, Mazda, Audi, Fiat, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and Ford, was a successful event. ODW-ELEKTRIK took part for the second time, and due to the numerous very good and intensive discussions with existing and potentially new suppliers and customers, our participation was very successful. The resulting business relationships will help to further strengthen our location in Mexico and expand our worldwide network.

21st Cooperation Forum Automotive Wire Harness

On 28 November 2018, more than 300 guests and 12 exhibitors from the industry met in Ingolstadt for the 21st Cooperation Forum Automotive Wire Harness. Decision-makers from leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers, including Audi, Leoni Bordnetz-Syteme, Kromberg & Schubert, Dräxlmaier, BMW, MD Elektronik, ASAP Engineering and Schleuniger, reported on developments and challenges in the development of electrical wiring systems in vehicles.

They discussed the competencies that OEM’s and their suppliers have to build up in order to implement the megatrends electro mobility, automated driving and digitization in vehicles. The main focus was on development processes, simulations, testing and requirements for wiring systems that have to be met.

ODW-ELEKTRIK GmbH was one of 12 exhibitors who took part in the well-attended event. With a total of 320 visitors, there were extensive opportunities for networking and exchange, which we used extensively. For the second time this year, we were represented with a stand at an event in the field of electrical wire systems in vehicles, and we were able to further increase our level of awareness.

15 years ODW-ELEKTRIK in Ukraine – A great success story

“A great success story”, under the slogan the 15th anniversary was celebrated at our plant in the Ukraine on Saturday, July 14.
Colleagues from near and far, as well as representatives from politics and business had come to celebrate the event together.

ODW-ELEKTRIK had founded this location in 2003 as the third of today’s five locations and with that set a further milestone in the internationalization of the company.
The acquisition of this location has made it possible to react to the changed market situation and to orient the company towards the future.

Today we have about 2,400 employees in Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Macedonia and Mexico in the family of the ODW-ELEKTRIK group of companies.

How we think “a great success story”