ODW is STIHL’s Supplier of the Year

On June 28, 2023, we were honored by our customer STIHL to receive the “Supplier of the Year 2022” award.

Since 1990, STIHL awards prizes to the best suppliers who score points for outstanding performance in terms of quality, technology, innovation, service and price/performance ratio.
To date, 117 suppliers have been honored. The success of the family-owned company has also been based on reliable partnerships, and together they have managed to keep the impact of the globally disrupted supply chains on production as low as possible and to meet the high demand for the products in the best possible way, despite difficult general conditions. This success was also due to its suppliers.

As a result of our very good work, we have managed to supply the customer STIHL with a very wide range of sophisticated products. STIHL, as our largest customer in the industrial sector, contributes significantly to ODW’s success. In addition to ODW’s appreciation, this award is also motivation for us to continue growing with STIHL.

Thanks to all involved.